Monday, July 19, 2010


SARASOTA, FL, JULY 19, 2010: Warrior Pages, LLC announced the first ever winner of its Best Site (WeBS) award recognizing outstanding content and design in martial arts web design. Out of over 30 contestants, an international panel of martial arts experts judged as the best martial arts site on the web.

The Warrior Pages Best Site Awards (WEBS) recognizes the best martial arts the world wide web has to offer. This award is handed out once a year to the best website in several different categories. In addition to the best site per category, our panel of judges will rate several runners up to encourage those on the right track and close to the best.

THE PURPOSE OF THESE AWARDS is to cultivate and expose the best the web has to offer for martial artists. The martial arts’ community has lagged behind most other web content providers in creating a top notch web experience that is both entertaining and informative. This award will recognize those that do and encourage those that strive to.


  • Most Informative - The Martial Archive

  • Best Design - Satori International

  • Best Layout - The Original Judo Information Site

  • Best Historical - My Martial Arts School

  • Best Humor - Mikka Bouzu

  • Best Store Layout - Piranha Gear

  • Best Social - Kick Gen

There were also several Honorable Mention sites which can be found on the Winners page.

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